The little things in life make me happy

Caterpillars and Butterflies

Our "Caterpillars and Butterflies" book and app is coming out in early 2020.

It's the story of the butterfly life cycle, told through the bright, colorful illustrations of Audrey Roy Greenfeld and the interaction design wizardry of Daniel Roy Greenfeld.

Orange Pulp: The Strange and Silly Secret Lives of Oranges

What do oranges do when we're not looking?

You will find illustrated answers to such unexpected questions as:

  • Is it right to pick oranges before they have ripened?
  • Do oranges know how to use computers?
  • Have oranges explored outer space on their own yet?
  • What happens when oranges sleep? Specifically, do they dream?
  • When oranges collide, is their momentum conserved?
  • Can oranges fly?

Our book Orange Pulp: The Strange and Silly Secret Lives of Oranges will be available at in early 2020.

Veggies for the Modern Baby

This is a book that introduces your mid-century modern little girl or boy to their first vegetables.

Through whimsical illustrations, your young child will develop a lifelong love for vegetables. That's our hope, at least. We'll find out if the book works as intended by testing it on our 1-year old daughter, Uma.

Coming in early 2020.